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Cloud Computing Services – Having 24/7 access to your data, desktops, applications and communications from anywhere in the world – that’s cloud services. No one has more ways to help take your business to the cloud and help manage your business in it, than we do. Whether it’s a private, public or hybrid cloud environment, we will help you design the solution that works best for your business. We can manage your cloud on our servers in our Certified Datacenter – SSAE-16 and ISO 27001 facilities at a very competitive price.

Cloud Computing Concept

NEX IT Solutions is an enterprise-class infrastructure designed for resource-intensive applications and databases that require a compliant operational framework and the most secure cloud. Built with enterprise-grade products and capabilities from Cisco, EMC and VMware, and is a high-performance cloud hosting platform, designed to run traditional business applications – the type of applications that require reliable and scalable computing.

NEX IT Solutions provides a flexible platform designed to meet your most demanding applications. With high-performance computing, memory and IO requirements, you can count on us to:

Reliably deliver your enterprise applications with zero-downtime.

Achieve advanced disaster recovery capabilities.

Meet security and other compliance requirements.

Cloud Computing Solutions Information

Is Your Information Safe Using Cloud Computing For Data Storage?

Security has been a concern as long as businesses and individuals have used the Internet. With the recent news stories about security breaches and hacking among major corporations, many businesses wonder if cloud computing is a secure option. This new trend in data storage can offer a large number of benefits, but is your information safe? Understanding cloud security can help you make this important decision for the future of your business.

Communication is Key

Once you begin using the cloud, anyone you give access to will be able to make decisions regarding how they use it and what applications they add. If some of your users don’t understand the IT side or make unilateral decisions without notifying or collaborating with the right department, it could have serious security ramifications. Even something as simple as trying to give another individual access to one file can easily expose all of your data if done incorrectly.

A Backup for the Cloud

Most businesses see the cloud as an efficient way to back up their data in case disaster strikes the company’s physical location; however, what happens when the cloud provider shuts its doors or a disaster wipes out your data on their servers? To ensure your files and other information are always safe and secure, you need to have a backup for the cloud as well. In addition to storing data in an alternative location, it’s important to detail in a contract who owns the data if something happens to the provider.

Where Is Your Data Stored?

Cloud security can be greatly affected by where the information is actually stored. When most people think of cloud storage, they don’t envision a physical location; however, the server itself is located at the provider’s warehouse. To best protect personal data, such as credit card numbers and other private information, it’s best to use a provider in your home country. The laws that govern cloud storage are specific to the country in which the provider operates, not the source location. Unless you fully understand the laws, a local provider is your best choice.

Manage the Cloud

The cloud makes it easy to give access to all of your employees so they can easily collaborate and complete their work from any location; however, it’s also easy to forget to remove individuals who no longer work for you. This can create a serious security issue. For this reason, it’s essential to assign someone the task of managing the cloud, including monitoring who has access to eliminate non-employees as soon as possible. This individual can also remove redundant files to keep your costs lower.

Cloud storage can offer an array of benefits to businesses that use it properly; however, security can be a valid concern. Understanding the basics of cloud computing and the security threats it can bring will help you better manage this aspect of your business. This can reduce your risks and keep your business data safe.

If you are interested in cloud computing solutions to keep your business safe and secure, contact us. We can provide the guidance you need to keep your data safe.

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